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Table of Contents:

  • Flowers
  • Vive Irish Culture, Vive O'Brien!
  • Itinerant Nest of Singing Birds
  • You Can't Tell the Poets without a Program
  • Amanda Cockrell
  • The Children of the Dream
  • Who was that poet (novelist) I seen you with last night?
  • With the Beginning of the Short Term
  • The Blue Estuaries
  • February 5
  • While Mr. Hope was with us
  • Critically Speaking, Do You Subscribe to This?
  • Lazy, Not So Crazy Days of Summer School
  • Speaking of the Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest
  • Symposium Has Never Had It Quite So Good
  • Operation Bootstrap Soars Aloft
  • Hollins Abroad in Fensville and the Emerald Isle
  • Something Old, Something New in Julia Sawyer's 252
  • The Letters of Our Native Land Expand
  • And While We're On The Subject
  • Note the Poppy or the Lily in her Med-I-Eval Hand
  • So What's New in Bradley Hall?
  • Andrew Purdy
  • Julia Randall Sawyer
  • George Garrett
  • Richard H.W. Dillard
  • John R. Moore
  • Josephine Allen
  • John A. Allen
  • What No Major List?
  • Kenyon is Alumnae Gift to Seniors
  • Jerry Brown
  • Two Jacks and a Jill
  • Whither Away?
  • Your Epistolary Bookshelf

Publication Date


Calliope's Comments, vol. 5, no. 2 (1969 May 1)