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Table of Contents:

  • The new academic year
  • A Zeldin's-worth of Gogol
  • Allen Taken in Hand by Golden Quill
  • Dillard and Rubin in Tandem on America
  • And (more distantly in view)
  • Behemoth Raised by George P. Garrett in Captivity
  • Getting the Best of the Critic
  • Irish Literature: A Purblind Peek
  • Grads and Undergrads make National Scene
  • Also Newly Available in Paperback
  • The Renaissance in Bradley Hall
  • Make Big Money At Home in Your Spare Time
  • Speaking of Pub's
  • English Majors Also Reaped Their Share of Honors
  • Marley Lott, President of Grapheon Literary Society
  • As a Gift From Alumnae in Honor of Dr. Francis Lamar Janney
  • A Vigil for the King
  • The Scoop on Garrett's Graduate Group
  • The Thing About Majors
  • Eastward Ho!
  • Star Trek: Literary Visitors on Campus
  • See America First, By Paperback and Lecture
  • Build Thee More Stately Mansions
  • Women to Study Images of Man
  • Medieval and Linguistic Studies, Front and Forward
  • Straight from the Hoss's Mouth
  • Song of the Open Road Dept. (What are they doing now?)
  • Alas, Royal Stuart, we have known him well
  • The Anatomy of Stuart H.L. Degginger
  • X Writers-in-Residence
  • X Graduate Students
  • X English Majors
  • Reading For Fun and Profit
  • And So We Leave You, Until

Publication Date


Calliope's Comments, vol. 5, no. 1 (1968 Nov 1)