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Table of Contents:

  • Never Let Them Call You "Naked'
  • Faculty Roundtable
  • We Thought Gertrude Stein's Reflections on the Atomic Bomb in Late 1945 Might be of Use to You (and to us) in These Days After September 11th
  • Graduate Program in Children's Literature
  • Recommended Reading
  • Rubin Writers Semester
  • New Books by Current and Former Faculty
  • New Books by Alumnae/i Authors
  • Writer-in-Residence News
  • A few poems from the continuing sequence 10000 Bodhstattvas
  • Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest Winners 2000-2001
  • Kimono Town
  • August
  • Where Are They Now?
  • In Time of "The Breaking of Nations"
  • 2000-2001 Honors And Awards
  • English Majors Awarded Honors (+) and Departmental Honor (*)
  • The Hollins Critic order form
  • Contents

Publication Date


Calliope's Comments vol. 36 (2001)