The Battle Against Lyme Disease & Beyond: The Fascinating Intersection of Ecology & Public Health


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Often referred to as, "the tick lady" by those who know her research (a title only a vector ecologist can truly relish), Liz has spent her career studying the complex roles that humans, animals, and the environment play in disease dynamics, especially tick-borne diseases. Join Liz as she shares the findings of some of her latest research that have identified promising measures for controlling and preventing tick-borne diseases while shedding light on the rapidly changing Lyme dynamics in southwestern Virginia. Liz will also talk more broadly about the role of disease ecologists and the One Health movement in better understanding, controlling, and preventing the spread and emergence of zoonotic diseases---a topic that has garnered particular interest amidst the COVID pandemic.


Presented as part of the Faculty Authors & Achievers spotlight series.

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